Ministerial Team

Reverend Donald Smedley
Elder Stacey Eason
Reverend Eva Clark
Minister Desmond Critchlow, Staff Parish Relations Committee Chair
Minister Milton Washington, Church Council Chair
Minister Karen Robinson

Administrative Team

Tamra Perkins, Executive Assistant to the Pastor
Ericka Eason, Redeem Christian Academy Director
Ashley Williams, Webmaster
Cherilyn Earl, Churh Administrator
Kiana Proctor, Redeem Christian Academy Teacher
Antwoine Knight, Sexton
Hoover Rivers, Communication & Audio/Visual Coordinator

Leadership Team

Chandra Edmonds, Lay Leader
Gail Smith, Finance Ministry Chair
Conny Brown, Trustee Chair
Annie Dempsey, Radical Hospitality & Reentry Coordinator
Karen Cabbagestalk, Director of Worship and Arts
Adolphus (A.D.) Smith, Band Director
Wanda Mack, Lay Servant
Maurice Harcum, Lay Servant
Wayne Cabbagestalk, Band Member
Stephanie Robinson, Lay Servant